Scope of our Services


         We utilize various methods to gather applicants from which we can choose workers for deployment. This is done through the following:
a) Manpower pooling in recruitment activities.
b) Advertising in leading news publications, television, radio programs and online networks.
c) Referrals by trusted people or clients, etc.

Screening and Selection of Applicants

        A thorough selection process will be done to ensure that applicants we present to you will meet the competency and qualification being required for the job. This include, the confirmation of the credentials of the applicants, screening and interviews, trade test if required for the position, then a final interview will be arranged with the employers for the final selection of the workers.

Processing of Requirements for Deployment

        The agency will assist in processing of the following:
        • Travel documents of the selected applicants.
        • Medical examination with the accredited clinic.
        • Arrangement to undergo the required Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)
        • Ticket reservation and schedule of departure

Why Hire Filipinos?

        Because, Filipinos are best workers in the world. Filipino workers are employed in more than 120 countries around the world. The Filipinos’ expertise, their adaptability, and their proficiency in written and spoken English give them an edge among workers from other countries. Filipinos also can easily adjust to the culture of the country where they work and they can easily blend with the people they work with.